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The University of Manchester has a reputation for excellence. The Central Procurement Office team are working hard to ensure that this is reflected in our procurement processes and practice.

We have set ourselves ambitious targets and are committed to ensuring that excellence is at the heart of all we do. We are also keen to support the wider sector and understand this will involve reporting on our progress as well as sharing our learning.

1,000 Suppliers: Demonstrating the Impact

Over 1,000 suppliers have signed up to use our Supplier Engagement Tool, providing us with a rich source of information to integrate into our thinking. We are excited to share our approach in this report, which helps us move from 'supplier engagement' to 'supplier development'; communicating our learning and leadership on this agenda, furthering our commitment to continuous improvement and engaging with procurement colleagues across the sector.

You can also read more about our approach to procurement excellence which we call Responsible Procurement:

Our approach

  • The University is committed to ensuring responsible processes. This means considering value for money and social responsibility.
  • The Central Procurement Office team are working towards achieving Level 5 on the Flexible Framework (building on our journey to Level 4 in 2015).
  • Responsible procurement contributes to the social responsibility and environmental sustainability commitments of the University with both activity and impact data.

The foundations

  • We have a clear policy aligned with strategic commitments.
  • We have set ambitious and challenging targets which we report on publicly.
  • We embed the approach as part of business-as-usual.
  • We focus on demonstrating the positive impact of procurement.
  • We create relationships with other teams to maximise our capacity.

Our current focus

  • Sharing our approach with internal buyers to further embed excellent practice.
  • Sharing our approach with our suppliers to enable and develop them.
  • Sharing our approach with the wider sector to support their own activity.

Access the full details about our NETpositive approach, or please contact NETpositive Futures.

Whilst many organisations have struggled for years to make progress on the Flexible Framework, what the Procurement team has achieved in 6 months is amazing Jimmy Brannigan, Director, NETpositive Futures on the University achieving Level 4 of the Flexible Framework

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