Central Procurement Office

Disposal & Recycling of Equipment

Schools are required to maintain an up to date register of all assets, to ensure that stocks and equipment are properly managed.
The disposal of surplus or scrap items should be considered as part of this process, and can generate income, reduce management and maintenance costs and allow more effective use of space.
Before disposing of any asset, schools must establish ownership and whether there are any restrictions on its disposal. This is particularly important where an asset may be held between schools or purchased from a research grant. Where an object was subject to the remission of import duty at the time of purchase it should not be disposed of in any way (including sale, loan, gift or scrapping) without first consulting HM Customs and Excise.
Schools should make a business case documenting the reason for disposal, the costs and benefits, and the proposed method of disposal.

  • Where the asset value at the point of disposal does not exceed £5,000, the discretion rests with the Head of School. In this instance the Director of Finance should be notified as soon as possible. [Financial Procedures 8.8];
  • Where the asset value exceeds £5,000, disposal can only be made on the prior approval of the Director of Finance. The "Application to sell or otherwise dispose of equipment" form should be sent to the Directorate of Finance. [Financial Procedures 8.8].
  • These procedures must also be followed in the case of the transfer of assets between schools. [Financial Procedures 8.11].
  • Before disposing of any items, including waste material, schools should consider the potential for recovering valuable components or materials including, for example, potential spare parts or silver from photographic film. These may be of use to the school or more saleable that the original item.
  • The N8 Shared Equipment Inventory System is a fully researchable online database which will allow for the search of research equipment held by the N8 partners: the Universities of Sheffield, Lancaster, Leeds, Durham, Liverpool, Newcastle and York.
  • Disposal of assets can take place in two ways:
  1. Sale or Donation (including transfer to another school)
  2. Scrapping

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