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Responsible Procurement and our suppliers

Social responsibility is one of the University’s three core goals, and within it is a commitment to responsible processes – how we embed sustainability and social responsibility into our day-to-day activities.

How do our suppliers contribute to our Responsible Procurement activity?

The Central Procurement Office team ensure that all major spend has social, environmental and economic considerations embedded within the procurement process. They approve and support suppliers to deliver this and manage contracts to monitor related activity.

However, we also have over 8000 suppliers providing goods and services to the University and they can help us do more!

  • Demonstrating how you help us to reduce our negative impacts helps us do more.
  • Demonstrating how you help us achieve our positive impact helps us do more.
  • Working with us to demonstrate value for money helps us do more.

If we are to achieve our ambition to be a socially responsible University as much of our spending power as possible needs to reflect our values.

What does this look like in practice?

We want our suppliers to understand our ambitions in this area. We also want to support and develop our suppliers to minimise risk in our supply chain at the same time as demonstrating the positive contributions they can help us to make.

We have chosen to do this by offering all of our suppliers access to an online tool that helps us to understand our suppliers at the same time as encouraging their own sustainable practices. If you are a supplier and have not yet completed the NETpositive Supplier Engagement tool, please contact us for access.

The tool enables all of our suppliers to create a sustainability action plan for their own business. As they do so we can demonstrate the collective activity of all of our suppliers and support and celebrate progress.

The University as a supplier

The University is also a supplier to other organisations, and so we have created our own action plan. We would not expect our suppliers to complete something we are not willing to complete ourselves. Many of our actions are 'in progress' as we consider there is always more to do, and the plan is a living document which we will continue regularly adding to and updating as time goes on.

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