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Responsible Procurement for internal buyers

Social Responsibility is one of the University's three core goals, and within it is a commitment to responsible processes - how we embed sustainability and social responsibility into our day to day activities.

How do internal buyers contribute to Responsible Procurement?

The Central Procurement Office team ensure that all major spend has social, environmental and economic considerations embedded within the procurement process. They approve and support suppliers to deliver this and manage contracts to monitor related activity.

However we also have over 3,000 internal buyers buying goods and services on behalf of the University and they can help us do more!

  • If you make requests for goods or services, you can help us do more.
  • If you approve purchases or budgets, you can help us do more.
  • If you place orders for goods and services, you can help us do more.

If we are to achieve our ambition to be a socially responsible University, as much of our spending power as possible needs to reflect our values.

What does this look like in practice?

We have put together a list of our Top Tips for internal buyers as a starting point. We have also created guidance to help buyers understand some of the product labels to look out for when making purchasing decisions.

We have produced a short presentation detailing the work of the Central Procurement Office team so you can see what we are already doing and why we think this is important. Staff are welcome to use this in their own faculties and departments to explain what is happening.

Encouraging staff to think about the whole life of a product is especially important, many products end up as waste which we need to reduce and manage, or use energy which is costly (financially and environmentally). We have created some basic Whole-Life Costing guidance as an introduction to some of these issues as well as providing links to more detailed models and support.

The Environmental Sustainability Team have created some guidance on energy reduction and you can find more information in our guide to energy efficient office products.

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